Submission Guidelines

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Put Some Effort into Your Communication

A well-written review or comment engages its audience and facilitates discussion. We do ask that Cadbury Kitchen users take just a little time to make their posts as readable as possible and keep their content on topic. We also ask that you take a moment to check your spelling and grammar. Here are a couple things to avoid:

  • Links

    These will all be considered low relevance if not accompanied by a well thought out opinion, debate, reasoning or recipe. Links should help to strengthen your stance or opinion, not the other way around.

  • Off-Topic Comments

    Got a question or comment about Cadbury? If it's not related to the recipe directions, ingredients, or products in the recipe it's being posted under we ask that you instead visit the Cadbury Choclovers forum or contact our Consumer Relations Team. This is in order to keep conversation readable and on topic, while also ensuring you receive the most efficient and relevant response.

In addition to complying with the Site Terms of Use, you must also follow these general guidelines for posting material to this Site. Posts that do not conform to these guidelines could be deleted at the discretion of Cadbury.

  1. Ensure a friendly atmosphere for Site users.
  2. Encourage freedom of expression and exchange of information in a mature and responsible manner.
  3. Use positive language: keep it "G" rated as this is a family friendly Site.
  4. Show respect toward other users of the Site.
  5. Don't hijack: Don't try and hijack recipe comments and take content off topic.
  6. Trolling which includes posting inflammatory, extraneous or off-topic messages with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion will be deemed inappropriate.
  7. Posts that are considered "Spam", contain unsolicited advertising, include overly repetitive messages, or repeatedly raise issues that have previously been addressed are inappropriate.
  8. You are responsible for the content and legality of postings made in your member name.

Cadbury reserves the right to remove any comment that it considers fails to adhere to the above guidelines or the Site Terms of Use.