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The Ultimate Rocky Road

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The Ultimate Rocky Road

Easy to make pink and white marshmallow and chocolate fun for any occasion!

What you need

1½ cups PASCALL Marshmallows, halved
1 cup peanuts, chopped
¾ cup red glacé cherries, halved
200g CADBURY Dark Baking Chocolate, chopped
200g CADBURY Milk Baking Chocolate, chopped
150g shortbread finger biscuits, broken

Make it

1. COMBINE ⅓ each of the marshmallows, peanuts and cherries and set aside.
2. MELT together the milk and dark chocolate in a glass bowl over simmering water, making sure the bowl doesn’t touch the water.
3. STIR the biscuits and remaining marshmallows, peanuts and cherries into the melted chocolate. Spoon mixture into a lined 18cm × 30cm slice pan. Gently press the reserved marshmallow mix into the top of the slice. Chill until firm and then slice into squares to serve.