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Chocolate Crunchie Ice Cream Cake

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Cadbury Chocolate Crunchie Ice Cream Cake Recipe

Please the guests as well as the birthday person with this easy and delicious celebration cake decorated with Cadbury Crunchie Sprinkles.

What you need

27 OREO Classic Cookies
3 cups chocolate ice cream, softened
3 cups vanilla ice cream, softened
110g CADBURY Crunchie Sprinkles
Candles and decoration, as required

Make it

  1. ARRANGE OREO over the base and around the bottom edge of a paper lined 20cm cake pan (ensure the lining comes 5cm above the top of the tin). Spread the chocolate ice cream over the base and sprinkle with one sachet of the Crunchie. Freeze until firm.
  2. SPREAD the vanilla ice cream over the choc base then and sprinkle with remaining Crunchie. Freeze until firm. Decorate as required.