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Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake

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Cadbury Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake Recipe

Chocolate and cherry a match made in heaven, especially when it’s a cheesecake.

What you need

1¼ cup chocolate biscuit crumbs 
80g butter, melted

500g PHILADELPHIA Block Cream Cheese, softened 
1/3 cup caster sugar 
2 teaspoons gelatine dissolved in ¼ cup boiling water 
200g CADBURY Dark Baking Chocolate, melted 
1 cup sour cream
680g jar pitted sour cherries, well drained and juice reserved

Fresh cherries, for serving
Chocolate curls or shavings, for serving

Make it

  1. COMBINE the biscuit crumbs and butter then press into the base of a greased 20cm springform pan. Chill until firm.  
  2. BEAT the PHILLY and sugar with an electric mixer until smooth. Add the gelatine and chocolate and mix until smooth then fold through the sour cream and cherries. 
  3. POUR the mixture over the prepared base. Chill for 2 hours or until set. 
  4. REDUCE the cherry juice to a syrup by simmering in a saucepan for 10-15 minutes. Cool.
  5. TOP cheesecake with cherries and chocolate and serve with a drizzle of syrup.